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  • Create Unlimited Open Houses: Retain Open House Visitors info with our Open House Application with or without an tablet.

  • Mass Text/Email All your Open House Leads

  • Create Unlimited Single Property Pages for all your Listings

  • Create Unlimited QR codes for All your Open Houses and Open House Signs

  • Create unlimited QR Codes that Leads to You Vcard, which can help prospect download your contact info in Seconds

  • Create Unlimited Social Media Link Menu for Instagram and Facebook /also acts a Vcard Download

  • Show off Your Open Houses on our Social Media Link Menu (Unique to us)

  • Attach a personalized Video to You Social Media Link Menu to create a connection.

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Open house App

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V cards with QR Codes

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Why Use Amelio Open House App?

Regardless if it's a busy real estate market or a slow one, both buyer and seller agents should capture visitor information even if the visitor has an agent. Open house attendees never have their agent's information, 20% of them don't have an agent, and they are more likely to make a buying or selling decision within 90 days of when they start visiting open houses.

For less than the price of two coffees a month, you can add 1 more deal from each open house by using the Amelio Open House app.

Listing agents can call all parties who attended the open house when you receive an offer and solicit more offers.

Listings agents can follow up and get feedback from attendants of the open house.

“At Amelio, the realtor is at the centre of every tool we build. We are not here to build tech. We are here to make the way realtors work easier.”

The issues we see in the real estate industry technology sector right now:

  • There are too many real estate tools and they are all separate so you have to login to several different systems and enter in the same information over and over again.

  • Not one tool solves all problems.

  • Real estate technology is becoming too expensive for most to buy for long term.

  • There are a many private equity firms and companies that are investing in real estate technologies. They don't care about providing tools that work for you. They only care about maximizing their return on their investment.

  • Real estate advertising portals are becoming real estate companies and are now directly competing with the same people who helped them become massively profitable (think Zillow).

  • We know that bigger tech giants are buying up smaller companies that have built the tools real estate agents use.

How is Amelio different?

  • 5 Tools in one solution.

  • One low monthly price.

  • We are a 100% privately held company with no outside investments.

  • We don't sell your leads to anyone else.

  • We ensure real estate agents own their own data.

Danny Wood Endorses Amelio

He spends 20 minutes talking about how to use QR codes in real estate

  • Danny Wood is a public speaker for major conferences and global brands.

  • His focus is on marketing and technology. From generating leads, to lead follow up and after sale systems for repeat and referral business.

  • He currently runs BrokerageNation a collection of 200 real estate offices and over 8,000+ agents who are enrolled in his online training programs.

  • Along with that he has a 1-on-1 coaching service helping REALTORS® implement the systems and services he speaks.

14 years experience helping agents grow their business through Marketing and Technology.

Who is Amelio Open House for?

Successful Agents

Who are looking for out of the box tools and ideas to generate leads

Brand new agents

Who looking to get started with a unique marketing idea that is affordable and practical

Agent who want to simplify their real estate business and use less tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is REstart Summit?

We are so excited to host our first official event of 2023!

The event date is Feb 21, 2023. Starting at 9:30 to 2:00 pm.

Venue Address: Sandman Signature Hotel in Richmond,
10251 St Edwards Dr, Richmond, BC V6X 2M9

What is the safety/COVID policy?

We will be following British Columbia and local guidelines regarding masks and vaccinations at this event, which are currently not required. This is subject to change and any updates will be communicated. However, REStart Summit always recommends that participants follow CDC guidelines during their travel and at the event.

Are you selling virtual tickets?

No, only in-person tickets are available for this event. You can buy a ticket and buy the recording of the event.

Are session recordings included in my ticket purchase?

If you buy a ticket and add a Recording , we'll send it to you once done.

Will meals be provided with my ticket purchase?

No. Coffee/Tea, water only.

Can I give / sell my ticket to someone else if I can no longer attend?

Tickets are transferable. Transfer must be done by emailing Provide the person's name, email.

Are you selling virtual tickets?

No, only in-person tickets are available for this event. You can add a recording when you buy your ticket.

I purchased a ticket and now I have to cancel. Can I get a refund?

No, unfortunately we cannot offer any refunds. All event ticket sales are final. Venue doesn't give us a refund.

Can I bring my child(ren) to the Summit?

We are so glad you want your family to experience the event, but unfortunately attendance is limited to individuals over the age of eighteen (18). If your child is over the age of eighteen (18) and did not purchase a ticket in advance, they will be denied entry.

Can I record the conference sessions?

No, we ask that you do not record any of the conference sessions. We have hired professionals to record all sessions and these recordings are available for purchase at the time of check out.

Do you offer discounted tickets?

No. This is already discounted. There is so much value in this event, it should be much more.

What should I bring with me?

Note pad, pen, paper, and an open mind.

Easy to Use

  1. Create an open house.

  2. Add address

  3. Price

  4. One picture

  5. And some basic features

    Your open house is created and ready to use to generate business!

Branded QR Sheet

Display these sheets on the door or your open house signs, and watch people literally sign up without any instructions.

If you are showing a condo in a high rise, visitors will also have your number, and you’ll know if someone is downstairs once they scan and give you their information.

Agents Can ask any question they want

Depending on what you want to ask, you can use our own 3 stock questions or you can edit the questions you ask your visitors.

Some agents have partnerships with mortgage brokers or loan officers, and they can ask questions like: “Are you looking for the lowest mortgage rate?”

Send the visitor to your website

You might want to send people to a landing page you built because it has so much more information.

Or you can send them to your website for more information about schools or other important info.

We also have a system generated landing page. So eliminate your landing page builder and use ours.

Don’t want to print the QR code? No problem display it on your computer or the homeowners tv.

You can display this on your computer for the visitors to easily scan it, or you can use a home tv to display the the open house QR code and have them easily scan it.

Leads dashboard

You can go see all your leads for each open house from a simple dashboard.

Or you can export them to excel

Or you can send them to a 3rd party Crm through our secondary email notification.

Imagine if you sold your property but now you took a new listing in the same area, then you can follow up with those visitors again for a similar property in the same area.

Want your leads to be sent to your phone via text message or email or both?

Imagine a new visitor has entered their information and they said they don’t have an agent and is open to seeing similar properties in the area. Wouldn’t you want to see that information?

Turn on the text notification feature and have all your leads sent to you directly, instantly.

Branded QR Code Redirect

Display your picture or your logo in your QR code

Vcard QR codes

Create Unlimited Branded Social Media Menu with Video or Open Houses

Unique Solution for Real estate Professionals

  • Ability to create unlimited social media links for all your branding needs

  • each link can have it's own unique QR code

  • You can add a video to personalize it

  • Add links to all your landing pages to generate leads

  • The visitor of your link can automatically download your contact card with one simple click.

  • Put this QR code on all your marketing material or mass media marketing like bus ads

  • Send them to your other social media channels.

  • Display your open houses on your link

Upgrade to this package: For a limited time 90% off

200’s of Canva Designs To be used with Amelio Open House.

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